Environmental Planning, Engineering & Remediation

ENCON Environmental specializes in providing professional services for property investigations (Phase I and Phase II assessments) and site clean-up to achieve regulatory standards and protect the value of your property. ENCON provides a wide range of services including consulting and engineering services for a wide range of properties where owners and buyers want to adhere to state standards but keep costs affordable.

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Joe Scatoloni
Senior Environmental Manager

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Phase I Site Assessments

A Phase I Site Assessment is a review of the current and previous uses at the subject property to confirm any existing environmental concerns. Our Registered Environmental Assessor (REA), Joe Scatoloni, performs a site walk to inspect the current use and condition, as well as researches the property history through government databases in his investigation. If there is any recognized environmental concern (REC), we will recommend that the property owner or buyer perform a Phase II site assessment to confirm the presence or absence of any contamination.

ENCON has performed over 1,200 Phase I reports for their clients over the years, many of which have been used by banks in clearing the property for the loan which is the main reason a Phase I is performed.


Phase II Site Investigations

A Phase II Site Assessment is performed when there is a recognized environmental concern (REC) at a site (usually defined in a Phase I ESA). ENCON has a crew and equipment required to perform soil, soil gas and groundwater sampling - our crew uses a 5400 Geoprobe drill rig to perform any needed site sampling and delivers the samples collected to a certified laboratory for analysis. Once the analytical results are provided, ENCON's Professional Engineer and Professional Geologist prepare a report of their findings and conclusions and deliver the report to the client.


Phase III Contaminated Property Clean-Up

ENCON Environmental works with property owners of contaminated properties to address their property's specific contamination issues and prepares a site plan to prepare the property for the development goals.

ENCON has worked with owners of gas stations and other properties in conversion to retail - restaurant development, as well as buyers looking for properties to develop into schools and other uses.


Real Estate Consulting, Testing Services & Planning

Encon Environmental is a full service environmental firm that consults and provides Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments as well as remediation solution services specifically to the commercial and industrial real estate industry. Encon's unique pragmatic property assessment approach to environmental areas-of-concern (RECs) per the ASTM E1527-13 guidelines supports the broker's requirements and responsibility for a successful real estate transaction as it pertains to both the seller and buyer due diligence requirements. ENCON also offers detailed perspective of potential environmental concerns and contingent liabilities as well as remedial costs that are critical to the valuation and future sale of a property on a timely basis. ENCON assumes this responsibility to address these issues quickly and accurately to benefit all of the parties involved in the real estate transaction.


Underground Storage Tank (UST) Clean-Up

Since 1994, ENCON has an extensive history of closed many LUST and UST Cleanup Fund related properties by using a "Multi-Tiered Remediation Approach". Our multi-tiered approach, combined with the recently developed "Low Risk Closure" criteria, ENCON has become more streamlined, resulting in quickly achieving site closure eligibility for our clients.


Complience to State / Federal Regulatory Agency Directives

ENCON works directly with local and state regulators in cleaning up a multitude of sites across Southern California. ENCON specializes in targeting the source of the contamination and preparing site specific workplans which are submitted to the local / state for review and approval. ENCON has a crew dedicated to groundwater monitoring, soil sampling, vapor intrusion sampling as well as site clean-up activities such as vapor extraction, chemical injection and groundwater purging. The exact clean-up activities are designed specifically for your property and ensures the most direct course of action for your site as well as keeping you in compliance with the regulators requirements.


Earthquake Retrofitting

ENCON specializes in Earthquake Retrofitting providing an in-house installation and service department prepaired to evaluate your application.